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In March 2010, Smith returned to acting after a five year absence with a guest role on the NBC television drama Law Order: Special Victims Unit. In March 2012, Smith guest starred on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as Olivia Hodges, the mother of David Hodges (played by Wallace Langham).In 1985,

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“The note that she left does indicate that this is what she wanted to do,” he said. “Basically it was describing some incidents that occurred in her past that probably led up to this. It mentions the kids, but it doesn’t mention why she would do that to the kids.

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Contrary to our expectations, infants born preterm expressed fewer negative emotions than infants born full term. Nave judges rated infants born preterm as displaying more liking than their full term counterparts when tasting the novel foods. The analysis of facial expressions during the six spoonfuls of four successive meals (at